Our team

YUGENING your team, means to make it so strong, you can’t tell who the boss is.

So what if your childhood pictures are awkward?

Who cares? All we see is an early passion that couldn’t wait to join us.

Here’s your chance.
YUGENING architecture is hiring!

If you have grown into: 

  • a seasoned Architect with a knack for Revit and/or Sketchup, that is keen on joining the creative conversation at the office and the rational one at the construction site?
  • the BIM Modeler that switches between 2D plans and a 3D BIM environment, plays with the Autodesk Revit, Solibri Office and MS Excell with acrobatic agility? 
    (Sorry, this position has recently been taken)
  • an Interior Architect that loves to dive into the design process, head first, equipped with a solid technical background and enough confidence to make yourself heard?

Then make yourself heard by sending your CV to info@yugening.com

See you soon!